~ It Can Be A Wonderful Life ~

It would be a wonderful life
If we would just let go and
Let God, but all too often we wander
Down streets where Angels fear to trod,

You know the roads I am speaking of:
The roads of fear, the roads of worry,
The roads of doubt, and the roads where
There seems to be no way out,

Although I am a Christian, I still
Wander down those roads and too often
I get lost. I listen to family
And friends instead of the author
of life, then I pay the cost.
(A little like Job's friends)

My health suffers; there are days I
Just do not want to get out of bed,
I get despondent about things I have
No control over; and just as I think all
Else is failing our Majestic God,
Our true responder, sends me a sign
That he has heard every word I said.


Janice Bumbalough Marler  2005



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