~ Like A January Freeze ~

When they took you from me, I felt a cold chill start
The biting weather that I see, seems to echo in my heart
Frozen cold like winter, to lock my soul in time
The comfort in your arms, was all that I could find.

Like barren trees and grass, all blanketed in snow
Animals sleep away the time, deep down in a hole
Waiting for the warmth, the future soon will bring
As with your return, life again will spring.

In a January freeze, all nature goes to sleep
There is not much life, even on the streets
Below the sheets of frozen ice, there beneath the surface
The ground is kept warm, for one simple purpose.

I too, save my heart, for when you return to my side
When warmth will grow again, way down deep inside
As tree roots stay alive, deep within the earth
To soon unfold the wonder, the mystery of new birth.

Just as in my heart, our love is nurtured deep
Ready to let out passions, that for now have gone to sleep
Until like flowers of spring, my heart again may rise
Then in your embrace, I'll be warm throughout the night.


Gary Salter 2006
For my love Peggy may she be home soon

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