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~ Joining the Family ~

I have one Best Friend in my life, and that is all I need,
Jesus Christ my Savior, and this friend for me did bleed.
He gave His life upon the cross, on a hill called Calvary,
How much more could one Friend do, than what He done for me.

I have no treasures on this earth, I'm only passing through,
My body is only a shell, like a turtle I'll leave it too.
My Savior has a mansion, with streets made of gold,
No pain, no hunger, no sickness, never again to grow old.

So I'm ready to make that journey, far up in the sky,
I have nothing to look back at, as I bid this world goodbye.
Everything worth having , is waiting for me there,
My Best Friend really loves me, as I'm laid to rest in His care.

My spirit will never touch the ground, it will soar high above,
To join the family waiting there, surrounded by His Love.
A heavenly host of angels, will grant me wings to fly,
So I can join His family, in the sweet by and by.

I can't wait to feel his arms, as He takes me in His embrace,
And hear Him tell me, "My child you were saved by Grace.
Your Faith brought you home, and you'll never have to go,
Back to a world of sorrow, where Love forgot to grow.

You are here with me now, your work on earth is done,
It's time to meet the Father,
you've been proven worthy by the Son.
As I told you in the Bible, the book you chose to read,
You'd be judged by Faith, not good works or deeds.

To you I kept my promise, I prepared this place for you,
Just like I told you, that I was going to do.
My Father is well pleased, and waits for us inside,"
We started to walk then, as Heaven's gates swung open wide !!

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Brenda D King  2005
Dedicated to those waiting to go home, just like me !!

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