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~ Joy Comes In The Morning ~

Today our hearts are breaking
As it didn't go to plan
God took us on a different path
One we do not understand

And while we cry so in the pain
For all that might have been
All we can do is fall into His heart
And accept, that He can see

We wanted all the hurt to leave
To pray it be alright
But we will learn it's time to rest
And let God hold us tight

There's too much we cannot know
Yet immersed within His care
He will heal our hearts, then in the morning
He says, there will be joy to share

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Once I knew what it was to rest
upon the rock of God's promises,
and it was indeed a precious resting place,
but now I rest in His grace.
He is teaching me that the bosom of His love
is a far sweeter resting-place than even
the rock of His promises.

Hannah Whitall Smith

midi...Joy in the morning
1999 by Dale Haas

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