I fly by you each morning
In my dreams, my eyes,
Searching, but you I cannot see
Wherever I may try

I whisper past you gently
With two lips that speak soft words
But your reply
Is not one I have heard

I listen to the birds in song
My ears enjoy their mirth
I hear the wind a-rustling
And for your voice I yearn

Both of my hands I hold out
So far, for you to touch
But, I can never reach you
Nor hold your hand with love

I move here, to and fro
With my two feet I walk
But they don't bring me to you
To knock upon your door

Yet, there is one thing that I own
That beats for you each day
Yes, you I cannot forget
For my heart is yours always

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems May 2010

A part of you has grown unto me.
Together forever, we shall be.
Never apart, maybe in distance
but not in my heart


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Midi "Will of the Wind"
1997-1998 by Charles Lu


Main Image created by Spiritisup
using a CFTH photo by Donna
used with permission

Set by Spiritisup