~ Just Looking In ~

It's been a while since last we talked
Not much has happened, but maybe still a lot
Everything is different, though all can seem the same
Just another one of life's little games

I think of you when my mood needs a little lift
With one of your smiles, being such a lovely gift
Can always feel your hug, so soft and very warm
Sharing secrets, knowing they can cause no harm

Seasons change, as time so quickly passes by
But still we find, that there's too little time
So much has changed, but still it feels the same
For the friendship that we share, no way will ever change

So just looking in on you, to share the old as well as new
Want you to know, that my love remains as ever true
As always, you still have a place within my heart
In my life you will never play a smaller part

Just wanted you to know, I think of you a lot
As I miss all the times, we always used to talk
So today I am sharing what is new in our world
To one more time hear some normal soothing words

Gary Salter 2006

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