~ Katrina ~
Her disposition, ugly
within her waves of wrath
causing much destruction
along the chosen path

Her scream became a nightmare
as chaos did unfold
uprooting trees and houses
Katrina, very bold

Panic, fear, frustration
for those within her sight
taking down New Orleans
fought with all her might

'Neath murky water buried
are homes and those within
children swept from Mother's
others search for kin

Food and drink for no-one
rubble fills the streets
cries heard in the distance
lives lost in defeat

Buildings crumbled, fallen
a city torn to shreds
leaving many homeless
fear of thousands dead

Katrina had no mercy
exploded like a torch
showed her strength and power
with such a deadly force

Looking like a war zone
buried in debris
contaminated water
breeding raw disease

Devastation growing
each day takes a toll
body count still rising
lives are put on hold

Nothing left but shambles
future bleak and gray
'neath the muddy waters
remains of yesterday

Hearts and souls grow weary
have nothing of their own
no clothing, food or water
no money, car or home

Desperation building
no way of getting help
phone lines disconnected
power had gone out

Diving into rapids
hoping for escape
aside them in the water
gators, rats and snakes

Looters seeking fortune
rapists on the prowl
the situation worsens
shooting into crowds

Smoke and flames of fire
reaching for the sky
sadness on all faces
pleading, asking why

Children cry for parent's
the young can't comprehend
Mother's weep with heartache
lost grip of youngsters hand

Our eyes take in the horror
can't fully understand
their hopelessness and sorrow
unless, in their shoes stand

Confusion mixed with turmoil
how can they start again?
hopes and dreams have faded
with the whisper of the wind

Her disposition, ugly
along the chosen path
causing much destruction
within her waves of wrath

Although, her rage has silenced
the Gulf Coast badly maimed
survivors weep and wonder
will life ever be the same?


Rose Marie Streeter

Katrina swept through the Gulf Coast as a category five Hurricane on August 28/29th, 2005. Mississippi and Louisiana were the hardest hit leaving thousands upon thousands dead and homeless..

Please...do whatever you can to help those that were devastated in the path of this horrendous storm and let us not forget that the Hurricane Season continues through November 31st...I ask that you keep those
effected in your Prayers, the aftermath of this catastrophe proves that in a flash, our lives can be turned upside down...

Thank you!!!!


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