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"Another Trail of Tears"
my Apache spirit sister called Katrina's path
and the people ignored in the aftermath.
Across the hot humid New Orleans skies...
all you could hear were the people's cries

I watched my people suffer day after day
and listened to what the politicians had to say
Everyone busy trying to find someone to blame
and cruelly making Louisiana feel ashamed...

Yes, Louisiana was caught off guard and ill prepared
but it wouldn't have happened if politicians had cared
In the past we begged for help with our levees
but our pleas were ignored with political ease...

While the cross bone politicians plot their subterfuge
the ignorant and blind follow and continue to accuse...
You've broken our hearts with words so harshly spoken
But our Louisiana spirit will not be broken...
We know we're among the poorest states
without ways and means to cope with our fate...
When we were thirsty and couldn't stand anymore
We were accused of looting and robbing stores

While stench filled flood waters covered our feet
the lost lay dying in the New Orleans streets
As the darkness of each night drew near
it truly became another "Trail of Tears"...

My people left without food, water and no homes
struggling for life in the darkened super dome
In the Home of the Blues amidst antiquity's charm
small babies were dying in their Mother's arms

Our Med-A-Vac teams worked through sniper fire and night fall
yet some were left dying in wheel chairs pushed up against a wall
Covered with sheets, their names pinned to their shirt...
While somewhere a family was filled with loss and hurt

Heartless questions, asking why did we not bus these people out...
Think of the suffering, "fault" is not what this is about
While accusations and criticisms tore our spirit apart...
I sat with tears, for Louisiana is my home, my heart

While some people sat idly watching the news
looked at Louisiana and would heartlessly accuse
There were those who cared not about "fault"
and held us in their Prayers and thoughts
And where the government and officials failed
The American people's human spirit prevailed...
Not aired on the news but behind the scenes...
Independent truckers and churches worked as teams

Midst the Trail of Tears and Katrina's devastation
Came offers to help from across the sea and other Nations...
While racial bias arguments continued without end
American doors were opened to all colors of skin...

From towns and private citizens across the land
came your heartfelt Prayers and helping hands...
And the out pouring of people still asking, "what can I do"....
So from this Louisianan's heart, I want to say thank YOU

In a state were so many lay in the streets and died...
Please leave us with some dignity and pride...
Do not judge us so harshly and without care
but remember us in your hearts and Prayers...


Barbara LaBarbera


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