~ Kindred Spirit  ~

After the great spirit created the world
He called man and wolf into council
He charged them to go out to be heard
To give name to all the earth's plant and animal

Together they went about their task in earnest
Giving name to all that their path would cross
To give symbol to all, in plain and forest
Making sure that none were passed or lost

Task completed, they returned to the great spirit
Proud of what man and wolf had accomplished
All now had a name, as he had asked it
With this, he told the two they were finished

Kindred spirit is what he named them
Told them then to part, yet live in harmony
Which they did, 'till strangers came to this land
Killing the wolf to make room for his family

It is time we remembered this was not the plan
Wolf was not a problem for tribes that were here
Together we were to live, hand in hand
How can we make the intruders open their ears

Kindred spirits of the land we had lived
Working together to keep the land good
But, a breaking of the promise, we would give
Where, as brothers together, we had once stood

Gary Salter 2005

This was taken from the legend of my love's people,
May we leave the spirit of the wolf in peace

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