~ Kisses From Above ~

Hope your day is filled with contentment,
No one else in this world deserves it more.
May God bless you and tickle you with laughter,
As He sends His sunshine through your door.

May each new day awaken you with happiness,
Bringing you His grace and tender love.
May rainbows always fill your turquoise skies,
As God blows down His kisses from above.

So, arise and get outside and feel His warmth.
Speak to Him and He'll speak back to you.
Inhale and smell the very breath of Heaven,
Take His hand and let Him feel your love, too.

Share the joy of His calming presence
Kick your shoes off and put your toes in the sand
Soon you'll find that your spirit is dancing
Thank you, Lord, for this day....It was GRAND!!!!

Karen Bunker © June 11, 2009

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