~ The Lady Who Passes Out Smiles ~

God has chosen her because she is unique.
You never see her anytime, that she won’t take time to speak.
She takes a morning walk each day, sometimes she goes for miles.
She follows along God’s pathway, 'cuz she is the lady who passes out smiles.

Most people do not know her name, although she has been around for years.
She is just known as Miss Smiley, and she makes sunshine from your tears.
The children laugh and jump for joy when they see Miss Smiley come.
She always gives them candy and they know she is full of fun.

She always talks to everyone, no matter who or where.
She smiles so brightly as she speaks and it takes away despair.
She only speaks of joyful things and the Light shines in her eyes.
She uses the gifts God’s given her and it's her smile that wins the prize.

It doesn’t matter if there are clouds and rain, or even snow around.
You’ll find her walking somewhere, taking her smiles from town to town.
Our God gives her the strength each day as she walks mile after mile.
God picked her 'special' to do this job, 'cuz she is the lady who passes out smiles.

So, when you are feeling lonely and you get out to walk in the sun,
You might try Miss Smiley’s technique; just smile and speak to everyone.
Soon you will see how good you feel as they smile right back at you,
And before your walk is over, you’ll even hear a “Howdy Do”.

I heard someone say that Miss Smiley may be coming to your town today.
If you feel you need some perking up, just let God show you the way.
As soon as you encounter her and follow her for just a while,
You feel her Joy and warmth inside, 'cuz she is the lady who passes out smiles.

If we could all be like Miss Smiley, this world would be a different place.
Instead of anger and hatred, there would be smiles on every face.
There would be love enough to go around and get us through the trials.
If we could all just walk in God’s “Son”shine, like the lady who passes out smiles.

Karen Bunker © April 29, 2008
To: Mom, I love you, Miss Smiley


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