~ The Last Laugh ~

It used to be, one stud or mare
Could transport man from here to there
Now days it takes many more
To go a few blocks, to the store.

Man used to take his chosen course
When mounted on his trusted horse
Now heís bound to an asphalt strip
Inside his chromed, speedy, landship.

It used to be water and hay
Could keep him moving through the day
But in this horseless carriage age
A tiger in your tankís the rage.

Though cheap to run with few breakdowns
The horse did have itís ups and downs
But seat belts were not required
No insurance nor tags, expired.

To wreck a horse brought little pain
Dust your pride, mount up, ride again
But in a car, a minor crash
Can cost your life and lots of cash.

Horse emissions did not pollute
In fact, they helped new life take root
While autos belch their fumes and smoke
And pollute the Earth with each stroke.

The horseís days are gone and past
But the horse laugh might be the last
When those horses under the hood
Run out of fuel, as they well could.


Del "Abe" Jones ©2005


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