~ A Lesson In Faith ~

Her world is seen through windows,
she’s trapped inside four walls.
So few can understand her needs,
they close off when she calls.

Her body became her enemy,
her companion is constant pain.
She cannot remember a time,
when she ran out in the rain.

And yet her heart is filled with love,
she writes of faith and hope;
she’s such an inspiration,
I don't know how she copes.

And now that I have learned,
of the life this lady lives,
I see with different eyes
the poems she freely gives.

So when your trials are many,
remember this lesson well,
think of this beautiful lady
who has so much to tell.


Forrest Phelps-Cook
© 2005
Reflections From The Heart
For Linda..."The People's Poet"

I "met" a fellow poet on the Internet, through
a poetry site I belong to. She is always writing
poetry about her love of God and her faith
in eternal life. I wondered how
she ever found time to write so much.
And then I found out
her story...she is afflicted with a horrible
illness and is confined to a wheelchair. I
cried after I spoke with her because I
realized that I had not taken the time to come
to know her before now. And so this is for her....

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