~ Letters To and Fro ~

~ To My Wife ~

I gaze up at the stars tonight
As I lay here in this hole
Sounds of gunfire in the distance
I shiver with the cold.

I try to remember all the good things
Like our home, the kids, and you
But sometimes it is so difficult
It takes a lot to get me through.

I pray the Lord will keep me safe
There's so much I left unsaid
This war is different from any other
We're sharing the devil's bed.

I'll wish upon this star tonight
Just like I do all the time
I'll wish to hold you in my arms
And assure you all is fine.

My eyes have seen atrocities
I don't want to see anymore
All I want is my life back
Come home and walk through the door.

I'll take you and hold you in my arms
I promise never to let go
Tell you things I should've said
Words of love you need to know.

Well sweetheart I'll say goodnight
I have to do what I must do
Know I love you very much
It's you and only you.

Your husband,

Chee Chee Martin 2006
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