~ Life ~

Life stands in the way of real happiness
Reality likes to slap us up side the head
Then there is you, who laughs at my cockiness
As for a long time you've had me well read

Laughing at my off color jokes, some so bad
Protecting me from my own worst enemy
Knowing what I need to hold the pain back
Yet it hurts when true healing starts to be

Our Lord has a sense of playing a good joke
He gave us choices, but I forget to think
To see what type of reaction it would invoke
Just to see how many times you have to blink

But, it is all worth the effort you put in
Friends of enduring love is what you get, for belief
With stars that are ours up in the heaven
Together now forever, is such a relief

All in all, it makes my life worth it
You being in my life, will take it to new highs
I am blessed by the Lord, as He sees fit
To allow you to make such an impact in my life

Gary Salter 2005


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Midi is used with permission Margi Harrell