~ Life's Lessons ~

With each new day, comes a life lesson.
That each of us must learn.
Without each day of lessons,
Another page only gets turned...

Like the life of the butterfly,
It starts out so very simple.
As that of a caterpillar.
On a leaf it simply sits.
Until one day in June...
It makes an odd little home.
Hanging from a tree branch.
Or some unusual place.

For a very long time.
It will not show its face...
With wings so bright and wide,
On a day in summer.
Comes the graceful flight!
Of the brilliant butterfly...
From the cocoon, he hid so well inside.

With each new day of patience,
He knew he had to learn.
His reward was his freedom,
That he so dearly yearned...

Patience brought his graceful flight
And brilliant colored wings...
The patience of the graceful butterfly.
Is one we all should learn...


Diane M. Lamphere 6/1/2002

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