~ Lighten the Load ~

It is past the time in my life, so brief
That for me, I do not need any more grief.
I cannot dwell on when I have been accused
Of actions so cruel, though never true.

Just a waste of time, as all will know
To spend it just tearing apart your very soul.
You know the ones that matter, see the truth
Leave it behind, like it was a misspent youth.

To keep such emotions would just tear me up
Would have me drink from that poisoned cup.
Leading me down roads, only to find despair
Losing all the people, that really do care.

It is time, I do think, just to leave it alone
To cast away the anchor, made of heavy stone.
Looking at the path I have made for myself
It's always been easier when I let the Lord help.

Gary Salter 2005



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