~ The Lighthouse ~

If it wasn't for the Lighthouse, I'd be lost today,
If it wasn't for the beacon light, I would not have found my way.
If it wasn't for the waves, coming out of the angry sea,
I would never have realized just how many times, God has rescued me.

The angry waves of life, have tossed me to and fro,
And I really thought, there was no other route to go.
Satan set his trap and like an animal, I was caught inside,
I showed no love for others, because of foolish pride.

Although my storms rage on, I know I have a life vest,
God handles all the raging waters, as he puts my fears to rest.
He knows that I'm not perfect and in life I'll continue to sin,
But those raging waters are now battles, I know that I can win.

God gave me the Lighthouse, a shelter from the rain,
On dark and stormy nights, I no longer feel any pain.
God rescued me from darkness, brought me to the light,
I anchored in His Love, as His stars lit the night.

I don't know what He saw in me, I don't deserve His Love,
But He came to rescue me, from His home up above.
I felt His Love and Compassion, while in His arms I cried.
He told me I had been forgiven, the day His Son died.

Every time I see a Lighthouse, I think of others like me,
Who have yet to find the beacon, that shines out on an angry sea.
But when they see His Light shining, it's then they've found the way,
To overcome the battles, that rage within their world today.


Brenda D King 2005

God is my Refuge, my Strong Tower,
My Rock and My Lighthouse!!



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