Little Ben won, He did beat all odds,
You see, He went on home to live with God.
The angels came and took him away,
His battle with cancer ended yesterday.

His little body had been through enough,
A brave little trooper, his life was rough.
Each day was a battle but yet he would smile,
His tragic story was followed mile after mile.

His family grieved and hid the tears they cried,
Mom and Dad, through it all right by his side.
Each day with him tore their world apart,
They never once let him see it was breaking their heart.

His little brother Eli seemed to understand,
That for little Ben, God had a greater plan.
Little Ben, He was a miracle I have no doubt,
He has taught so many other's what Love is about.

The world has followed this little boy's story,
From the time it started till yesterday,
as he went home in glory.
His Mom and Dad posted a website for the world to see,
Not everyday of little Ben's life was a tragedy.

Oh yes he had many bad days, but he also had good,
Surrounded by people doing everything they could.
Little Ben's happy now, freed from all pain,
So stop those tears that's falling like rain..

If you close your eyes I know you will see,
Little Ben's sitting on Jesus' knee.
Their laughing and talking little man to man,
And Jesus is holding little Ben's hand.

The angels have gathered all around,
As they watch Jesus present little Ben his crown.
His little angel wings, oh yes, fit snug as a glove,
As little Ben frolics surrounded by the Father's Love !!

Brenda King 2005
Dedicated to Little Ben's memory, and His loving Family..
Written By, Brenda King, Feb. 26- 2005
One day after the angels came to take him home !!
Ben's Story



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