Little cloud upon horizon
Encased in sunset's glowing light,
What there do you whisper
Gently floating by...

What there do you warmly cry
Held by glowing light and air,
Where from, where to going
Nary there a care.

Doing as required
Carrying your load,
What then, little cloud
What more shall we know.

Shapes and illustrations,
How you entertain,
Not dispensing only shadows
Nor dispatching only rain.

But you would be our happy friend
A face within the sky,
Artistic beauty, smiles,
The gift of tender sigh.

Little cloud, all heaven's secrets hide
Closer to our Father God you are,
Bring us all you can of Jesus,
Rain His love within our heart.

And little cloud,

Please blow so very far
Take this love unto my friend,
Shower down upon their life
All the blessings prayed for them.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Sept 2009

"Live each moment as it passes:
breathe the soft and pretty air,
drink the beauty from on high,
tip your face and taste
God's wonder from the sky."



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