~ A Little Gift Of Faith ~

Lord, take the rain away
I cry when the pain
Becomes too great
Take the rain, the cold, the fear
Take the rain away...

But, only when it's time
When you know the refreshing showers
Have cleansed all...
that needs be swept aside
Take the rain, but give me
Grace, make it mine
To know, to keep...
The sunshine of a golden morn

Take the rain Lord
Take the clouds away
But not until I appreciate, I understand
The light of your life in me
The opening of the door to see
The sunshine of your golden day

Take the rain Lord..
But only if and when I am strong-
In all you are
To step into the glory now
I need your peace today
Where I know my heart belongs

Lord, take the rain, the clouds, the pain
But make it worth it's while
Lord, please...
replace it with Your song

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2006

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