~ The Little Old House ~

I want to live in that little house
That you see slightly back in the woods
Where the animals play
Most of the day
And everything out there is good

I want to dream in that little house
In the bed of years gone past
Where you find the rest
Is always the best
Building memories that surely will last

I want to have friends in that little house
Who will come and laugh with glee
For that is the best
No matter the rest
That's the best kind of friend one can be

I want to live in that little house
And have holidays there every year
All of the folks
With all of their jokes
Only laughter and joy - never tears

I want to live in that little house
The one that is needing repair
I bet it could tell
Many stories so well
Of all who had visited there

I want to live in that little house
Where the trees tower tall in the yard
I'd work very hard
Make everyone proud
I think it would even please God

But it seems that the little old house
Sits empty as if it would say
There was a time
When it was in its prime
Who would ever be content to just stay

So, the little old house back just out of sight
Beckons me each time I drive past
Leaves me wondering why
And if I should try
To live my days there to the last

The little old house by the side of the road
May not see the day nor the time
But somehow I know
That wherever I go
I will always wish it were mine

God's Little Whispers
Mary Anne Ray
June 21, 2006



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