~ A Little Piece Of Life ~
I heard my little one crying
I heard my little one in tears
How do I protect her
Year after year
A little piece of life's sadness
My little one found today
She asked me to help her
Make it go away
I can feel my little one's sorrow
And make it my very own
What do I tell her,
Of this world I have known
My little one told me
She does not like the life she sees
Even if she is very brave
She tries so hard to be me
A little piece of life
In all the war she sees, will there come a peace
Will it ever come, will we hear the sound of it's voice
How can I tell my little one, the cost of war is great
To lose a family, is so much pain to take
Yet for the most part here, people are free
The USA has human rights, both for you and me
So when my little one cries herself to sleep
Maybe tomorrow, the sweeter piece of life she will meet.
I pray to God The Father, who is listening everyday
He will be with my little one's soul
God Himself, will hold her all along the way.
Do you remember me
The people's poet



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