~ The Little Things ~

I know you are not well, finding it hard to get around
Being stubborn, you over do it, as your heart is bound
But, you need not do all those things, don't you see
It hurts so much less, if you let some be done by me

It's your whisper, trying to say, all will be fine you'll see
And all will be fine, no matter how bad it seems to be
For tomorrow is another day, and things will change
As you hold me in your heart, easing my shame

You get me a coffee in the morning, before I ask
While I get ready to start all my tasks
Then you listen to what I say, without any doubt
Doing all that you can, to help me out

My dearest, these words that come to my head to write
Are there because I talk to you every night
Taking my mind off a day, I wish never happened
Letting me see what things really need action

You do not have to do all the big things for me
For all the little things you do, make our life complete
You do more for me, in just a single minute
To help me stay the man I am, I have been gifted


Gary Salter 2005


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Midi "Stand By Me" by Ben E King,
Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller (c) 1961
sequenced by Dave Butler

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