As I slept last night
My dreams did take flight
I saw the moon and stars
A group-playing guitar

A delightful man I saw
I just gazed in awe
Could he be Santa?
All those toys even a piano

I fell deeper into sleep
My heart did take a leap
Gorgeous angels did surround
This to me was so profound

In my childlike mind
I did see all mankind
As just one huge family
This was very extraordinary

I smiled as I could see
All the angels around me
Then I saw the child in a manger
He to me was no stranger

For God gave His all
Yes, I did recall
The story of Jesus
They took a census

To remove our Lord
Who we all adored
And our Lord does reign
For our Bible does explain

Then I awoke today
On this special day
I still have time
To do a rhyme

To cook and bake
And time to Celebrate
On Christmas Day
And time to pray

I love you, O Lord, my strength.
Psalm 18:1



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