~ Lonely Little Dove ~

He huddled in the corner
by the sliding glass doors.
Head down in his feathered back,
sleepy little one.

Mama dove flew in,
during the daylight.
So happy was he,
prancing, kissing her beak.

Left by himself,
I don't know why.
His Mother checking on him,
then she went bye, bye.

During the day he hopped,
from table to chair.
My patio his home,
lonely little guy.

He stayed almost two weeks,
till Mama came back.
When suddenly they flew,
up into the trees nearby.

I missed my baby dove,
until three appeared.
Had to be Mama, Papa,
and Baby so dear.


Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2003
This poem is true, as I experienced it
in 2003 after I had broken my leg
and was housebound.
It was a unique experience to witness.


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