~ The Long Drive ~

I don't want to let go of our loving embrace,
We've shared a special time in what is now a special place.
Does my voice give away the pain that I feel inside?
Knowing that I must leave you, my tears can I hide?

The road before me stands ready, but I don't want to go,
It's a lonely journey that awaits me, this I hope you know.
I'll miss your smiles, your laughter, all your little charms,
Achingly, I'll miss your kisses and holding you in my arms.

Seeing the pain upon your face, makes this very hard to bear,
The anguish in your eyes tells me, parting's pain is shared.
Now, there's a lump in my throat as I begin to drive away,
The tears begin to flow, oh how I wish I could stay.

Mile by mile, town by town, I unwantingly drive,
Until we meet again on memories newly created, I'll survive.
My spirit I leave with you, please hold it in your heart,
As dearly as I hold yours in mine, whenever we're apart.


Thomas C. Menear 2005



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