~ Losing "YOU" ~

Sometimes it's hard, to see any good
When everything seems wrong, with much misunderstood
Looking for reasons, why we lose control
When wickedness consumes, our underlying soul

Our heart screams within, just before it will break
Then we start to wonder, how much more we can take
When our feet prove to follow, that long narrow road
We look behind to find, we've traveled far from home

Guilt stricken with regret, from the things that we do
It's unapparent when you lost, the "Real You"
Given the chance, we'd walk a different stride
To find, and keep promises, of a better kind

We must do this time here, for it's our biggest test
To see if we crumble, or stand, when oppressed
To reconstruct your heart, and reinvent your mind
Receive this lesson, for blessings in disguise

It takes much courage, to seek the better way
When your will is weak, it is then you should pray
And when temptation enters, have a bit of faith
Take nothing for granted, take it day, by day

Some place within, we have the essential tools
But if we fail to use them, then "ourselves" we lose
So try looking forward, and with faith look ahead
It's there, God will protect "YOU", after all is said

 Trisha N Stoos 2005
(Daughter of Debbie Looney)



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