~ Love From Afar ~

As I sit and smell the flowers,
Thoughts of you run through my mind.
We've sat and talked for hours,
A truer friend, I cannot find...

We share thoughts with each other,
Thinking of each other's needs.
Wishing you weren't another's,
Kindness was always in your deeds...

You've stood beside me countless times,
Through thick and thin...
Played around with my wind chimes,
Always made sure, I wore a grin...

Said I deserved to be with you,
But obligations keep us apart...
You could have a love so true,
A love so deep from the heart!

Someone who'd do everything in her power,
To make sure you were content.
Each and every waking hour
And show you a love, that's heaven sent...

Someone who'd take the time,
To fulfill your wants and needs...
Even when the roads a long hard climb.
God will eventually plant His seeds...

My dear, you mean the world to me,
I want you in my arms at night...
For all the world to see,
We'd never have to fight...

Life would be a dream come true,
If you could only be with me...
Everything would be so cool,
If God lets it be...

So for today, I hope and dream,
That He'll send you my way.
I love you, so it may seem,
On any given day!

Diane M. Lamphere 7/4/2006
Dedicated to my bestest friend,
I love you from afar.


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