~ Love, God ~

"This is Almighty God, and I'm speaking through a child,"
Why is it children, that you are running wild?
Do you not know, that soon, it'll be time to go,
You'll be left behind, if you're not watching what you sow!

I cannot believe, that in my name,
You have brought me so much shame!
Why do you think, I cannot see,
Every unkind act, you do in front of me.

Is it because you think that I'm not there,
That with others, you do not have to share?
Did Jesus my Son, not show you the way,
Before He was nailed upon the cross that day?

My children, have you no pride,
Your sins you cannot hide.
I see everything you do,
And I'm not very proud of you.

Oh yes, you get down on your knees and pray,
And you do have a lot to say.
But it's not coming from your heart,
And it's tearing us all apart!!

I Am the beginning and the end,
And you'll find no better friend.
I have loved you from birth,
Every since you lived upon this earth.

I gave all the beauty, as far as you can see,
And still, you do not Listen to me.
I gave you birds to sing you songs,
I gave you children, who tag along.

I gave you parents, to teach you well,
I gave you Hope that will never fail.
I gave you friends to ease the pain,
When you were left standing out in the rain.

I gave you Faith, and you hold the key,
To bring your very soul, back to me.
It's up to you now, nothing else I can do,
You already know, How much I Love You.

Would you put your only child through death for me?
And watch him be tortured so cruelly?
I did - so how can you deny your God,
On this sinful road you trod.

Yes I love you and I do forgive,
But it matters to me, how you live.
If you have it in your head,
There's no hell, like my good book said.

You are deceiving yourself, if that's what you believe,
And I've given you time, to fall down upon your knees.
My Son is coming, just like He said,
He'll judge each sinner, and raise the dead.

Sinners listen and heed this call,
So I can forgive, not one, but all.
This last chance comes from heaven above,
Sent with all my Eternal Love!!

Love, God

Brenda D King 2005


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