~ A Lovely Butterfly ~

I saw a lovely butterfly
As I was walking in the park one day
I watched as her wings sang
And how to each flower she gave
All so different in their own little way.

Flowers of all kinds, God wanted us to see
All were different, the beauty came to be
A lovely butterfly, softly kissed my cheek,
I picked up a bloom, so very sweet

If I could be anything I could
A lovely butterfly would make me smile
As I knew she would,
Maybe here I could find a friend
Someone like you,
When you care for me
It is like a butterfly and a flower
Both a gift brand new.

A lovely butterfly is beauty to behold
A life of it's own and one to be told,
In the flowers of a garden
I can see Jesus,
He is giving me a part of His love to hold,
My Jesus smiles whenever He sees
A flower and a lovely butterfly flying in the trees.


Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

When you see a flower and a lovely butterfly,
remember it is part of God love for us
and the beauty we see or feel is all a part of God's art


Fairies frolicking freely
Twinkling through the trees
Dewdrops dancing daintily
Mists meandering magically
Day dream disappears dies
~ Julie McMahon ~


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