~ Lover's Cross ~

When I make you angry, I don't understand
What it was I did, to be dealt this heavy hand.
I know in your heart, it's still there
The love that you have, will keep us a pair.

When your day is bad, you take it out on me
Such anger held within, still has to be free.
I don't get angry, when I become its target
As I know in your soul, you feel such regret.

Such a fiery tongue, when your pain is so deep
The lashing out at those to whom you speak.
It's just a temporary mood, easy to take
It shows the passion, of what our lives make.

Then there is when, you can't be with me
For many reasons, no matter what they might be
Still I know that soon we will be together
Making it so easy, to get through stormy weather.

All of this I do with such pride and joy
Even I know that it's in myself to annoy
It is a burden that seems easy as we share
This lover's cross, as a team, we will bear.

Gary Salter 2005

Midi is used with permission 2002 Bruce DeBoer


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