~  Love so True  ~

Never thought I'd find a love so true,
But it came to me through you...
Love came with big blue eyes.
Love, made me realize...
That you are the one for me.
Opened my eyes and now I see...
You held me up when I was down.
Never letting me hit the ground.
You've always been there,
Always showing that you care.
Never have you thought to stray!
Even when I have nothing good to say.
All the days I've let you down...
After all the times, you're still around.
Showing me every day!
That you love me in every way...
As I cried, you wiped my tears...
And chased away all my fears.
In your arms forever more,
You are the one, I adore.
And all the times, that you've cried.
You're still here by my side.
I have found a love so true!
Now and always that is my gift to you!

Mandi Starr 8/13/2006

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