~ Love Unsatisfied ~

Once there was a time
I thought of you as mine.
Knew it wasn't really true
As I fell in love with you.

Another shared your heart,
I knew that from the start.
You called me just a friend,
Nothing more did you intend.

I kept you in my thoughts all day
And dreamed each night away.
Will these feelings ever leave?
Will I be given a small reprieve?

It's time to dream no more,
Go back to friends as before.
To put a smile upon my face,
As my tears I try to erase.

I hope that she loves you
With a heart that's always true.
I only want you happy, dear,
Even though you'll not be here.

My broken heart will mend,
Forever I will call you friend.
And my love I'll try to hide,
This love forever unsatisfied.


Kay Brewer 2006


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