~  Lucky  ~

I know that I have messed up,
But still you have not given up!
You have loved me unconditionally.
You give me room to be the real me.
When I was falling apart,
You unbroke my heart...
And then set me free.
It was you all along, now I see
You are my one and only...
You are the one for me.
Everyday, showering me with love.
Always doing what you could, when push came to shove.
All the hardships, we've came through them all.
And now look at us strong and tall...
There's no one else I'd rather love.
You're my angel, sent from heaven above.
Such sweet pain in loving you...
My heart, to you will be true.
I can't believe after all I've done.
It's still with me, you want to have fun...
I thank God that you love me...
With you is where I wish to be...
After all the wrongs I've done,
You tell me I'm still the one.
I feel blessed every day.
That you still look my way.
To have you, I am so lucky,
That you haven't given up on me...


Mandi Starr 8/4/2006



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