~ Mary, Sweetest  Lady ~

Mary, sweetest lady, you who gave birth to Jesus,
When He was a baby and a little child
In those silent years, never asking why,
Did people seek Him for His grace
I wish I was there to see the miracles
What I would not give, to see His lovely face
Mary, sweetest lady, did you cry when He was rejected
I am only a human who follows in His footsteps
Yet, people reject me also,
Because my heart they do not know.
One day I knelt in front of Him
His hair is brown like mine
My eyes are blue like His
He put His hands on my head
I could almost feel a warmth
I felt it all over and within.
Mary, sweetest lady, as He grew
Did God tell you what was to happen
To be beaten with thorns pressed on His brow
I felt His tears, they were also my tears
Mary you suffered with Him
He looked at you and said "God forgive them"
Then at three o'clock Jesus said. "It is finished"
His victory proved He was our friend.
Jesus died for the sins of man
His love eternally displayed
Mary saw Him after He had risen
Many saw Him alive, after that day.
When we die, it is Jesus who takes us by the hand
Heaven is a peaceful, beautiful place
If the Lord was not holding us, we would be blind to all
When Jesus blesses us, we feel holy and greatly loved
Mary, sweetest lady, called by the Lord
Because The Son of God came upon on this earth
We were given a second chance, of life forevermore.
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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