Paradise Garden

Welcome to my garden.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of
the summer in bloom
after a sweet rain.

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The next photo is of a hybiscus flower which fell off the bush in the rain. It stayed in the pool looking this way for hours, despite all the activity in the pool on the 4th of July. We found that to be pretty amazing.

Hybiscus in Water




Terra Cotta Bird Bath


It wouldn't be fair if I didn't include this next picture of one of the creatures that thrive in the environment, or is it because of them the garden thrives? His family lives in the forest of the purple heather you see in the picture above, but they come out and roam usually in the heat of the afternoon and sunbathe on the hot pool deck. They are fun to watch, but when Max (a picture of him is following) was visiting he did not like them in his territory, but barking with all his little might didn't phase them in the least. Of course, he kept his distance......LOL.


Max & his bone

Click Here for MPG movie file of Max playing ball with Tricia in the pool.

DXmedia must be installed on your computer and normally is if you have a fairly current version of Windows95 or better. There are several programs available for these files, but Windows Media Player is most commonly used.

Note: Give the file time to load, sound will load first, choppy at first, then the video will load and then you'll see and hear both. Don't miss Max flipping over the ball......LOL. This is my first mpg to put on the web, and it was a little shaky keeping up with Max. Let me know what you think, won't you?

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