The Meadowlark

The meadowlark is so beautiful, as it flies in the air
It is hugged by the sun shining on her wings
I have heard how it sings, spreading joy everywhere

It has been kissed by the flowers early morning dew
Everywhere she sits,
She hears the words "I love you"

I wish I was a meadowlark, so happy and gay
But I am afraid for me,
Things do not go that way

I have not been hugged for such a long time
I have not been kissed,
Even when the sun brightly shines

If I could hear the words "I love you" I would be in bliss
That too passes me by,
There is so much I have missed

If I could fly like the meadowlark,
I would look for happiness to hold
I would never sit to see the world
For it would all grow cold

If I could have a gift, my gift would surely be
To turn into a meadowlark
Then my life would be lived, so happily.

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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