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~  Memories Of A Bygone Past  ~

Memories of a bygone past
Antiques and old things
Created by true craftsman
Who wanted them to last.

Beautiful oak sheen washstand
Made with evident pride by hand
Water pitcher and bowl of glass
Shows in each cut and cast.

When I look at so many lovely things
Wonderful memories cross my mind
These are special treasures of a lifetime
My family loved and left behind.

Memories of the bible my grandfather read
And all the prayers at night that were said
Thanking God for blessing us with love
And watching over us from heaven above.

In my heart each loved one is with me
Oh, my lovely memories will never cease
My family are where they prayed to be
Resting in happiness and total peace.


Glenna M. Baugh 2006
Living by Faith

"May God always bless you with
many happy memories"
~Quote by Glenna~


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