~ The Memory Game ~

I seem to have some cognitive problems
There are times I forget my name
I'm sure I know just who I am
Remembering has become a game.

I wander all around this house
Someone tell me, do I live here?
Or do I live on down the street?
My memory isn't quite clear.

Sometimes it can be rather humorous
Especially at the store
When someone asks if they can help
And my reply is, "Why yes! What am I looking for?"

Or when a friend approaches me
And I'm wondering 'Who is she!'
That's when I hear, "Its been a long time!"
While I stand there, nod, and agree.

We set a date to meet for lunch
But I can't remember her name
We agree upon a time and place
That's when it becomes a game.

As we smile and walk away
I try to recall what was said
But bringing forth our conversation
Fills me with such dread.

I can remember what happened years ago
But yesterday is just a blur
My short term memory up and left
Someone please tell me, is there a cure?

Bear with me as I try to recall
Why am I writing this
My memory has failed me once again
There's definitely something amiss.

Chee Chee Martin 5-10-05



Midi is used with permission
Margi Harrell

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