~ In Memory Of John Paul II ~

How can I say thank you to a man bigger than life
He was the people's pope,
I remember him when he passed 62nd street in NYC
I could see him in his little car, waving to the people
To share everlasting hope.

I felt very loved, by a special man
John Paul II loved little children
He was a man who walked with God,
When attacked, he not only forgave
But went to the jail and blessed the one who shot.

John Paul II loved people no matter their religion
He saw miracles in St. Peter's Square
He went to hospital, he touched some people
As no one else would do
I believe Jesus lived within this pope of care.

I believe he is safe in heaven
For he could see God in the stars at night
In all the people, in nature
In the smell of a flower and grass
In the birds that sing
In the beauty of a sunset
He saw God in all those things
He knew God's love is in all countries
As that same love lives on
In you and me.


Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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