~ A Mirrored Lake ~

Gazing at a mirrored lake
The fog is hugging the ground
A gentle stirring of the air
A peacefulness abounds.

A shaft of light pierces the mist
In a moment or two it is gone
Yet nothing has been disturbed
It's the beginning of a new dawn.

Through the haze some shadows form
But it's my mind playing tricks on me
I'm all alone as I sit and gaze
At the nearby hills and lea.

Thankful am I to witness this
A beauty so delicate to behold
Each flower and leaf caressed in dew
Our breath will chase away the cold.

But I sit and watch as things transpire
At such a very slow pace
Tucked back in the forest and the hills
This Eden with its mirrored lake.

Chee Chee Martin 2005




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