~ Momma ~
Momma, an angel came today
To gently carry you, to your eternal home
In a beautiful land far away.
I know it saddened your heart
 Your children to leave
Knowing for you, we would grieve.
But so better now for you, will things be
There will be only joy on your face
When your loved ones there, again you see.
Waiting there for you, your baby and daughter
Husband, brothers, sisters, Mom and Dad
No more memories now Momma, to make you sad.
Together again one day, will we all be
When GOD calls one by one, your children on earth
To Heaven's beautiful land above.
Thank you Momma, for raising me
With the loving care you did
 In my heart, your love, will never cease to be.
Elizabeth Ann Biggs March 15, 2005
 Dedicated to my mother
Georgia Lee Clem
March 22 1918 - March 15, 2005

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Midi is used with permission Margi Harrell.

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