I didn't know, but I was there
Cocooned in warmest love
My mind returned, I must remember
When you were all my trust

I journeyed on, for you to find
When you were all I knew
There was so much for me to keep
Within the heart of you

My heart it flew and then I paused
As there I heard the beat
That softest music, back and forth
A gentleness so sweet

And then a warmth swept o'er my soul
My heart was now at home
Within your womb I found myself
When I was all your own

I heard a whisper, sleep my child
And then I felt at rest
Cradled in a purest love
My life so surely blessed

I heard your voice, a murmur soft
Your hand upon my soul
Secure within your nurtured care
My life to yet unfold

Content I grew, each tiny part
Until my world became too small
A force unknown compelled me leave
I heard you gently call

'Twas all a rush and there I was
You reached for me and cried
You cradled me, I was secure
And never questioned why

No other voice to hear, but yours
I knew it as my own
You murmured, crooned, you sang to me
Your arms became my home

There was no fear, for you were near
Your touch, your voice, your love
You knew my need, you held me close
My Mother was enough

My heart remembers

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006


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