~ My Beautiful Daughter ~

Day will soon make its way into night
As my mind starts to drift along
I wonder how the time went so fast
I wonder where the days have gone.

You've grown up right before my eyes
I use to cradle you in my arms
You're now an adult with a life of your own
And someone else sees all your charms.

What a joy you have always brought to me
Your smile continually brightens up my day
You're as lovely as a ray of sunshine
Such beauty you do convey.

I'm so proud of you my lovely daughter
You've obtained everything you need
A wonderful husband and a nice home
You've turned out so beautifully.

So as the day turns into night
I thank God for making you a part
Of my life here on earth
My daughter, you fill my heart.

Chee Chee Martin 2005

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