~  My Best Friend  ~

I remember you, when raindrops fall.
And when the dew drops on the ground.
You raised me so strong and tall.
With family gathered 'round.

You showed me love from deep inside.
And made it blossom from within.
Letting the Lord be your guide.
Always showing your childlike grin...

Told me stories of your younger days.
Hoped I'd learn my lessons well.
Knowing I'd follow in your ways.
The story is so easy to tell.

You held my hand when I was down.
Helped me become the woman I am today.
Made me laugh when I wore a frown.
You even took the time to play.

You helped me so when things got rough
Stood beside me in every way.
Mother I cannot thank you enough,
What more can I say.

The dew drops on the ground.
Are like the sparkles in your eyes.
The rain drops when they fall,
Are like the tears, when you realize.

That mothers are really a blessing.
They help you heal your wounds.
I will go on confessing,
As we sing our happy lil' tunes...

You are my very best friend.
Thank you my mother dear.
On you I can depend,
And I'll always want you near.

Thanks for being my friend,
Happy Mothers Day...

Diane Lamphere 2006


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