~  My Daughter, My Friend  ~

From a little girl your beauty
Has captured hearts along the way
Your soul was forever open
To all, each & every day

Now you are grown, and on your own
You are a Mother, a wife, a friend
I wanted to tell you daughter
I am proud of you, and then

Tell you what you have meant to me
Through all these years I've had you near
You are always in my heart
Everyday throughout the year

You've given me many memories
To cherish, and to love
To me you've been a blessing
From Jesus, up above

I am proud you are my daughter
You've given me such happy days
I am proud of you as a Mother
With your wonderful, loving ways

So my wish for you sweet daughter
Are day's filled with blessings you adore
I love you each & everyday
I could not love you more.

And for everyday you've been with me
I have thanked the Lord above
For bringing you into my life
And showing me how to truly love.


Debbie Looney 2005
Dream World of Inspiration
All rights reserved.

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Midi by Yuko Ohigashi 2003 used with permission


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