~ My Father, My Friend ~

Today is the time to ponder
Why you are, who you are to me,
Is it for what you give
Or what it is for me to be.

Do I love you just because
You come home every night,
And are always there for me
In case I get a fright.

Could I consider you my friend
Because I ask you for advice,
When I have a curly problem
And you guide me very wise.

Would I be glad for your presence
A strength on which to lean,
Do I love the way you laugh
And sometimes tickle me.

Do I think of you as having faith
Able to face the day,
If you were as any other
Would I love you anyway.

Might I admire your manly traits
Your deep voice and manly ways,
Dad I am glad God gave you me
Have a Happy Father's Day today.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

My Father became my Father when I came to be
My Father became so much more
When he became my friend



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