~ My In-Home Friend ~

This is a very special reflection
And something to be shared
God has blessed me with a precious gift
And one beyond compare

No matter where I go
I know when I return
Here always, is my in-home friend
Giving kindness and concern

I might be very tired, done in and wearisome
From a day out there to spend
But I come back, relax
With my special in-home friend

I don't have to get all tizzied up
Or travel anywhere
But I can just pull up my chair
And we are an in-home pair

We can share a chat and cuppa
Anytime, oh how glad I am to find
My friend is here with me to care
In my heart all the time

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006


midi... There you'll be...by Faith Hill



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