~ My Journal ~

In my journal I write each day
Telling my Lord my thoughts as I pray

Praying for family and friends too
May they never be sad or blue

Asking for health for all Iíve met
Keeping them well, and out of debt

Granting that we each have food to eat
A place to live with clothing and heat

Peaceful times bring happiness and love
We ask many things from Our Lord above

Kindness and charity within our heart
We should all take time to do our part

Volunteer and help someone to learn to read
Many groups offer what people need

Missions help many who need to eat and sleep
They say their prayers that their souls God will keep

Not fortune or fame will gain entrance to heaven
Rather whatís in your heart, and what youíve given

Share with someone today a part of yourself
Our Lord will be there when you need help


 Joyce Ann Geyer © 2005

Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad: for great
is your reward in heaven
Matthew 5:12

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